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Good morning guys, I’m thinking of buying oxygen, but really it’s fast? want to

Good morning guys, I’m thinking of buying oxygen, but really it’s fast? want to do an ecommerce, and Would like to know if Oxygen really has speed difference compared to other builders and compared to the flatsome builder.


  1. Jamie Owens says

    You can try it here and see for yourself:

  2. Christian Schneider says

    I compare elementor, oxygen and bricks in my previous episode on YouTube. If you skip to around 17 min you’ll see the results, on a simple one pager, cached. The % difference is solid if you scale up. Oxygen is faster and loads less request etc. But it’s not that big of a difference to the end user.

  3. AzGard Xiix says

    I switch from Divi to Oxygen, and i have no regrets. If you are a full “no code” guy and enjoy visual graphic effects, stay away from oxygen. Conversely if you have strong basics on html, css, js and wp queries Oxygen is a game changer.

  4. Mikel Doka says

    Yeah man, its amazingly fast. I suggest browsing their docs/yt to get a good grasp of how everything works

  5. Andrei Grigorescu says

    Hi Augusto, there is nothink to think about 🙂 just purchase it.

  6. Viktor Marinkov says

    Oxygen is fast but the back end is sluggish and clunky. You also need to be very comfortable with CSS, PHP and JS. Take a look at Zion. It’s on AppSumo for $99 now. It’s much more similar to Elementor with most of the features Oxygen has.

  7. Joe Purnell says

    I would say to have a play on the demo and see what you think.

    I bought Oxygen and I genuinely feel that it’s made me a better developer. I was never one for buying every “Page Builder Add-on Pack” under the sun, but Oxygen has made me realise that I can (and often should) replace whole plugins with just a few lines of PHP.

    You might not understand it out of the box, and it does come with a learning curve – but that’s the beauty of it. You get to learn something new, hone your skills, and start building better sites.

    It’s a winner for me.

  8. Burt Gordon says

    Flatsome is awesome. So is Oxygen, which has a learning curve even if you are familiar with CSS etc – plus to make the editor work well there are several plugins one needs to purchase. Honestly; if I was looking at e-commerce and I was considering Flatsome, I would take a serious look at Shopify before Oxygen.

  9. Demetre Minchev says

    Oxygen is as good as it’s developer. If you know what you are doing, Oxygen is blazing fast, if not, you are better off buying something pre-made.

    There is a learning curve for sure.
    I’ve built ecommerce sites with thousands of products and it works really well.

    You just need to know what you are doing…

  10. Maxime Beguin says

    It’s the fastest pagebuilder on the market at the moment.

  11. Aaron Gregg says

    Slow on the back end, fast on the front end.

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