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Had some external testing carried out on accessibility for an Oxygen build recently, and it was an u

Had some external testing carried out on accessibility for an Oxygen build recently, and it was an unmitigated disaster. Flagged tons of HTML errors, as well as repeater ID issues (which the fix I found didn’t actually fix), and was generally not pleasant (over 5000 issues on a small blog site).

This has basically rendered Oxygen unusable for me now.

In a horrific turn of events, Elementor had no issues, so now it’s a choice between ungainly bloat and accessibility fails. Great


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  1. Don says

    What do you mean by Accessibility? Users usually don’t care about html errors.

  2. Martín says

    Repeater should be fixed next version.
    Also, Oxygen doesn’t do accessibility by default. It leaves most of it to the user: it’s on you, basically.
    I’ve faced accessibility issues that I just solved them using attributes, not a big deal but not saying it doesn’t happen nor there isn’t room for improvements.

    Is there a report you can share?

  3. Mathias says

    Waiting for your Bricks review … 😬

  4. Gerson says

    Check out i built it with oxygen and last time i checked, there’s zero html errors.

  5. Gerson says

    There are indeed some oxygen elements that can become problematic when you consider accessibility. Some of the ones i don’t use: pro menu, icon, social links, repeater.

  6. Aritra says

    The amount of work I have to do to get an oxygen site to web dev standards, I’d rather put that effort and time behind coding a custom site with all best practices, and still do it in lesser time than with Oxygen on WP. Then save myself hassles of updates every week.

    No offense to oxygen breathers lol.

  7. Adam says

    From a github issue I was following for accessibility, it was recently picked up so could soon be sorted.

    There are issues but no extensive html issues as you said, I’ve created a couple of accessible websites for the nonprofit industry and they’ve passed bar.

    I wouldn’t downgrade as low as Elementor (sorry to those who do use this, just personal preference)… but at least use a tool like Divi instead.

    I would wait it out before using oxygen for highly regulated websites just yet unless you’re prepared for a lot of work.

  8. Joachim says

    Have a look at Bricks Community
    Bricksbuilder is my choice now 😉👍

  9. Dave says

    Use polypane you can check your accessibility as you go.

  10. Elijah says

    Elementor also isn’t a dream a11y wise. I’d like for Oxygen to do much better. Would you mind sharing the errors with me via [email protected]? We can never guarantee everyone builds accessible websites (which is totally possible in Oxygen), but we can help by making sure we output more accessible markup by default. This isn’t something that will happen overnight but it’s something I’m working on moving forward.

  11. Max says

    Don’t blame the tool, blame the builder…

    Fun fact: The construction company building a house that is not compliant with accessibility for disabled people in mind, use the very same tools as the company who does…

  12. Tanvir says

    Was it tested by elementor? Because Elementor itself is never error free.

  13. Robert says

    We use from TLV great company and I’ve not had any issues on my Oxygen Sites. ADA lawsuits can be multi million dollar losses if successful and in the USA and most countries all websites and apps are required by law to be ADA compliant as they are considered public accommodations.

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