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Has anyone had an issue with templates ’emptying’ themselves when being saved or

Has anyone had an issue with templates ’emptying’ themselves when being saved or migrating a site? It’s only happened with one site but it’s very frustrating … I’ve had to rebuild templates several times because I save them then go back and there’s nothing there!

I did search the group but couldn’t easily find reference to anyone else having this happen.


  1. Katelynn Hicks says

    I’m having the problem if I save as a reusable part or template, it visually disappears in the editor but the content is still in the structure panel. Makes it really hard to edit something’s appearance when you cant see it.

  2. David Work says

    Yes, I have one particular site that empties the “Main” template when migrating using WPvivid Pro. It’s easy to restore (Hydrogen), but it makes no sense why it happens and adds unnecessary extra work.

  3. Olaf Wempe says

    Always resign shortcodes after migration.

  4. Vit Spisek says

    Never happened to me, but it sure sounds scary. An idea for a quick hot-fix: you can copy-paste the template’s Shortcodes from the original site to the target one.

  5. Ian Hazeldine says

    This happened to me, when I tried using Duplicator to move a site from Dev to Live. I found this article helped

  6. Eric Embacher says

    Yes, happens quite frequently after migration from staging to production using All-In-One Migration. Requires opening up every template and page and re-saving. Total PITA and part of what makes Oxygen so inefficient to use.

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