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Has anyone here experienced finding it very difficult to contact GoDaddy support? I have a client us

Has anyone here experienced finding it very difficult to contact GoDaddy support? I have a client using GoDaddy and I’m trying to help him resolve an issue.


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  1. Vishal says

    No problem to me! Their support is one of the best i have experienced!

  2. Adam says

    1 of the best so far.

  3. Rinalds says

    Run as far as you can from GoDaddy

  4. Sumit says

    I think you can talk live chat. If you need help then let me know

  5. Sten says

    The main issue is the couuuntless verifications. Once you get them on the hook, they’re actually pretty efficient. But the hoops you have to jump through are ridiculous imo. Especially when client has 2FA activated. 🤯😃

  6. Nitin says

    I had same issue with their live chat.
    Just called the support, and they fixed the issue –

    They will ask for Godaddy PIN and Customer ID.

  7. Noel says

    Support is very responsive. I’ve only had like 3 instances where support didn’t know what they were talking about, but they’ve always been helpful otherwise

  8. Nate says

    I have had easy goings with GoDaddy support. I felt it was the one thing they do well.

  9. Carolyn says

    Verifications will slow you down massively when working with a client account on Godaddy. If you can sit next to your client and work through the problem, it will be less of a hassle. Otherwise you get to play codes tag back and forth with your client.

  10. David says

    I’ve had nothing but problems dealing with Godaddy. Move your client elsewhere.

  11. Jornes says

    No to GoDaddy

  12. Blair says

    Gave up on GoDaddy 10 years ago. Completely worthless support. When people come to me with GoDaddy issues I turn down the job if they refuse to move hosts.

  13. Martin says

    Just make sure they change their login info while they’re at it!

  14. Riku says

    Back when I tried them they praised their own customer service and only offered expensive support by phone. No way to chat or email.

  15. Adam says

    In my own experience, GoDaddy is completely worthless in every aspect EXCEPT support. Yea, you gotta coordinate 2FA with the client, but once you get in their account, just delegate access to your own godaddy to avoid 2FA in the future.

    I dislike GoDaddy with a passion, but their support is easy to contact and you can call in a talk with a person if needed. Just make sure you have the account PIN handy.

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