the answer for all question about Oxygen Builder plugin and WordPress
  1. Joe Kns says

    Following. Was looking at this yesterday as well.

  2. Peadar Mac Niallais says

    Bought, tried, refunded very quickly

  3. Bryce Stephen Cicero says

    I would never use any kind of infrastructure service such as hosting as LTD. especially one that is claiming unlimited traffic visitors.

    It’s not a sustainable business model. Also very questionable as to where there will be throttling since nothing is truly “unlimited”

  4. Radoš says

    Shitty service. They stopped to reply to multiple emails after they service stoped working. I had to transfer whole live web to different provider.

  5. Vladi Ivanov says

    Use only well-known hosting

  6. Brian McCracken says


    You’re going to buy managed “Wprdess” hosting from people that can’t spell WordPress?

  7. Ans El says

    The hosting space is competitive and the better hosts are going up-market, where the profits are higher, not down-market.

    Rootpal and Barkweb are guaranteed to be house of cards that folds sooner than later UNLESS they use the influx of cash to advertise and find monthly subscription customers to even out the constant drag put on by the LTDs.

    I doubt that will pan out because people will wait for another LTD (on StackSocial, Dealify) rather than pay a monthly charge for an unknown host.

  8. Noah Pickle says is currently the best place to buy your hosting.

  9. Rocki Buzz says

    This is only good for portfolio and for practice. Don’t use it on your clients

  10. Rio Thaba Pratama B. says

    BAD service! If you complain about the problem on their site, possibly they won’t response right or remove your account without any info. And I’m not the only person who experienced it. I don’t like to trash talk but basically it’s a crap.

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