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Having a really odd issue.

Having a really odd issue.

I have a page with 15 repeaters, each repeater showing 15 posts.
Each repeater item displays featured image, post title and excerpt.with all this in place the page takes around 15 seconds to load.

However, when I remove the excerpts the page takes less than 2 seconds to load!

At first I thought it was because it was such an image heavy page, but turns out the excerpts are causing the issue.

I don’t think server is an issue as we are on a fully dedicated server with plenty of resources.

Anyone else had a similar issue?


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  1. Francis Roland Scriven says

    Could be the code that Oxygen are using. I could be 1000% wrong though. But I had big speed issues with Oxygen repeaters. So the great thing about Oxygen is that you can make your own PHP code blocks. That’s what I did and there is a massive speed difference. But that could be a lot of BS.

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