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Having discussions with a potential new client and they mentioned that they alre

Having discussions with a potential new client and they mentioned that they already have their site built by GoDaddy. I didn’t even know they were in the website building business.

The client sent me their invoice from GD and I was shocked at what they were paying. The cost for hosting is what stood out to me. You can get a VPS for less. Mind you, it’s a small consultancy with just the client and her assistant. Total was just over $1800 and the site is nothing to talk about.

For the record, the site has a lots of issues, and hasn’t been updated in a while, even though they paid for the “Standard Website Care” plan which is supposed to include that. She’s been trying to get a refund, but no luck.

It’s just crazy to me that people are being gouged like this, mainly because they just want a turnkey service.


  1. Harry Thomas says

    I have a client with sites on GoDaddy. I’ve resorted to building staging versions of his sites on my server, then transferring them to GoDaddy. Put it this way; you think the spinning gear on Oxygen is bad on your server? At least GoDaddy has the right initials: G.D.

  2. Jayson Peters says

    I have inherited GoDaddy hosted sites at work, and it’s been nothing but trouble. I’m stuck with some of them.

  3. Kristiyan Katsarov says

    Any self-respecting person shouldn’t use GoDaddy. Because there are still many monkeys on the tree, the tree is not cut yet 🙂 I would not use them even for domains

  4. Matt Hias says

    I must be careful what I write here since I have some reputation to lose.
    BUT 98% of the websites I manage for myself and my clients are on (German) shared hosting. Including mail, custom DNS, et al. Very satisfied with performance. And features. And ease of use. Starting at 8€ (~10$) per month. 50€ (~60$) per month is already highest end shared hosting specs.

    For 1800$ per year I could get the highest spec dedicated server. And a weekly business dinner.

  5. Guillaume Reynders says

    1800 dollar / year for a business is nothing that big of a deal. As long of course it’s maintained like it should – that’s not the case here. I would take the pil and pay for the current year. Just disable the auto renew.

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