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My team and I are looking for an oxygen dev. We build oxy sites and are knowledgable on how to communicate in this area. We currently have quite a few websites in the pipeline that we need help with.
Looking for someone who can work fast on building a site based on our communication of design ideas with you. This would be less creative and more just getting it done. Yet creativity is always welcome and we are always open to new ideas!
If this works out and the price is fair there will be many more projects going forward.
Please send DM with Inquires and work samples.


  1. Matt Hias says

    You better place this post in “Oxygen Builder Freelancers For Hire”?

  2. Hernan Rodriguez Wright says

    I send a message.

  3. Jaswinder Sehgal says

    Check inbox pls

  4. Jason Vargas says

    Sent u adm

  5. Suthar Mehul says

    Let’s connect

  6. Sharma DS Deepak says

    Justin Bruns I have very good experience with oxygen. Let connect through the Facebook messenger

  7. Aaron Blanco Tejedor says

    I can recommend Adrian Gajdzik 💚

  8. Adrian Gajdzik says

    Sent you a DM, Justin 🙂

  9. Jonathan Swanepoel says

    Sent you a DM my man

  10. Jasmin Hadzic says

    DM sent 🙂

  11. James Eddi says

    just send you DM

  12. James Eddi says

    my ETA are shortest, like 3-4 days for 5 page website.

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