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anyone have any ideas on how it is possible to create this kind of Elementor effects via Oxygen? Maybe you can recommend some addons or tutorials to make this type of effects with Oxygen. Thanks in advance 👍

Ada yang punya ide tentang bagaimana mungkin untuk menciptakan efek Elementor seperti ini melalui Oksigen? Mungkin Anda dapat merekomendasikan beberapa addon atau tutorial untuk membuat efek jenis ini dengan Oksigen. Terima kasih sebelumnya 👍 dari Bahasa Inggris


  1. Acorn Fang says

    use parallax js suit~

  2. Simon Rough says

    I’ve built similar effects using the paroller.js library which was easy to use with oxygens attributes function

  3. J Karel Broer says

    Cool feature indeed. following this post…

  4. Christian Heitmann says

    What about that Mouse Track Effect? That isn’t done with parallax/paroller, is it?

  5. Thomas Wolf says

    interesting… following

  6. Mirko Echghi-Ghamsari says

    You can do all this with Greensock.

    I‘ve used Greensocks ScrollTriggers to do things like that with Oxygen.

    Unfortunately the client wanted it to be disabled since his customer demo is old and they were distracted by the animations 🙄

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