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The oxygen Gutenberg plugin make it possible for customers to edit images but only if we choose the image url instead of the media library option. The issue with image url is that we don’t take advantage of srcset attributes and the user have to download the original image size even in mobile. It is very frustrating to have a powerful page builder build with speed in mind and having to choose between speed optimisation and easy of use for the ended user. Am I missing something? If not, do you pan to do something about it? And is there a hack to bypass this issue by waiting?

(edit) I forgot to share this link:

Sorry for my english, it is not perfect. And I don’t want to sound rude, I love the oxygen builder 🙂 . Keep up the good work.


  1. Taylor Drayson says

    I can understand how annoying it is.

    However finding the balance between speed optimisation and ease of use for end user is always going to have trade offs. I always say you can’t have you cake and eat it.

    Elementor is very low entry and easy to use for the average person. However the trade off is the speed and code quality out of the box is very poor.

    I personally use shortpixel and serve images using webP and the adaptive images plug-in creates different size images and serves the correct one for the screen and device

  2. David Webheld says

    I totally agree with you. Options and functionality in gütenberg plugin are too limited right now..

  3. Mariah Vicary says

    This is a huge problem, and seems like it could be fixed.

  4. Beer Kwantes says

    Yup. It’s one of the many problems with the Gutenberg “integration”. I hope and wish their focus for next iterations will be with Gutenberg, since I feel like it’s the future for WordPress (simply because all clients love and understand how it works), even with its current limitations.

  5. Samuel Gonzalez says

    Yes Src in the gallery please

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