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is possible make this with CPT UI, ACF Pro, Oxygen or another way please?

I must have make Archive with cards (logo, company name and color coding stripe based on taxonomy).

My idea what i tested but doesn’t work:
1) Set new CPT UI post type, e.g Cars
2) Set CPT UI taxonomy for Cars
3) Set ACF Pro color picker field “category_color_coding” and asign with Cars taxonomy
4) Add testing taxonomies, e.g Pickup, Truck and set colors with ACF color picker
5) Add new Car post and choose e.g Truck taxonomy
6) Make Oxygen Template, set Previewing to Car post and create card with logo image, text company name and color coding div (div class is width:100%, height 5px)
7) Make Stylesheet with name “color-coding” in Oxygen builder and put code from ACF Pro documentation site:
.color-coding {
background-color: ;
8) Set CSS class “color-coding” to color coding stripe div in card

Many thanks for help or any ideas. 🙂


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