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I use Oxygen, Woocommerce, Product Filters for WooCommerce
and WPML (French primary language and English). I have 2 problems :
1- My filters in each language ​​are well installed in each shop pages (French / English). On the other hand, for some unknown reason, they no longer work in French (they do not appear on the shop page). However, the filters work for the secondary language on the shop page.
2- In my shop page in French, sometimes the products in French are there, but the header and the rest of the page content (H1, etc.) is in English. This problem seems to happen only on mobile. It’s ok on the computer … And sometimes, the products no longer appear, but the header and the content are in French. In short, it’s a real puzzle and it seems random, as if the site always mixed in my shop between the two languages. Note that for my regular WordPress pages (eg: informative pages), on the other hand, I do not encounter this problem. I detected an Oxygen error code and the Oxygen support says their programmers are working on it, but beyond that I need solutions!
Do you have an idea of ​​the problem? Thank you.


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