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  1. Surya Darmawan says

    you just can use “jquery” in codeblock

  2. Matt Hias says

    To answer the OP’s question instead of trying to force to use jQuery:
    Within the Oxygen Builder it happens that JavaScript is executed twice. (I think once for code checking and a second time to execute within the page).

    At the first execution the const menuMobile gets defined.
    At the second execution, the const can’t be defined a second time.

    To avoid this, you could wrap your code in a check clause

    if (typeof menuMobile === ‘undefined’) {
    // this is only executed if const menuMobile hasn’t been defined before
    // your code here

  3. Robert Chan says

    I think it’s just an error inside the editor, does it not work when you view the page on the front-end?

  4. Tom Hayes says

    You’re redeclaring constant variables. Change all instances of “const” to “var” or ‘let”, or use different variable names.

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