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I am a user of DIVI as well as BRIZY, but by chance I saw that a friend of mine is using oxygen to build a website in a rather unique way, and I read the strategy on the web and the reviews are very good.

But I found the problem when I experienced my friend’s Oxygen, I’m Chinese and since my English is very poor, I’m using Poedit to translate the plugin and the theme, but during the translation process, I found that many characters are not showing the translation in the actual backend process, although they are already extracted and translated.

oxygen is translatable, but the display is incomplete.
oxygen-gutenberg, oxygen-woocommerce these two plugins directly can not be extracted with poedit, I do not know if there is a way to solve this problem.

I had planned to buy Oxygen on Black Friday; if this problem can be solved, I believe I will be more relaxed in using oxygengen, and later, I will be happy to recommend it to my friends.


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  1. Willem says

    There will not be a sale or deal for oxygen builder on black friday. The team believes in fair pricing, not discounts. So there is no rush.

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