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I try to switch a site to the new version auf OxyNinja. I use the Blog Archive 2 element for the homepage to show some blog posts.
After I have update Oxyninja I reset all classes and then import them again. I delete all caches and generate Oxygen Cache new.
Nevertheless, the element with the blog posts looks completely different. Where is my mistak?. On the left in the picture the previous desired result



Capital Design Set

  1. David says

    Hi Andreas,

    the issue I see is the long word in the first card which covers full line (ErlebnisAbenteuerStiftung). As the heading font is bigger in the second example, the card also grew.

  2. Manuel says

    Also make sure the weight of the div holding all elements including the image and the text are 33.3 each… that is 3/100

    To manually do that, you could creat a new columns of three equals size and drag those elements inside each of the divs one after the other

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