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Hello all.

Hello all.
A Real Estate plugin recommendation please – listing management, that works fine with Oxygen Builder and flexible to customize layouts?
I tested Estatik real estate plugin with Oxy and although it seems to work ok, customizing layouts will be a pain, especially the property single page. It seems that don’t exist shortcodes for some elements like gallery, etc.
I know is possible to build it using Oxygen + ACF + FacetWP or Gridbuilder, but the client wants a plugin to manage it.
Can you help, give recommendation / share your experience? Thanks


  1. Artur Burkalo says

    You don’t need a listing plug-in in Oxygen to create a listing.

    Create custom post type with CPTUI

    You can create custom post type, use repeaters for listings with ACF fields.

    To filter you can use Search & Filter Pro plug-in, here is a video:

    This will give more flexibility to you in the built on what fields you want to show in the archives and on the actual page, and with ACF and CPT you’ll make it easy for the client to manage the listing them selfs with user role>editor.

    If you’ll use a plug-in for listing you may be limited to what you can do unless if you planning do add an extension plug-in where you’ll make modifications with code.

  2. Michael Pucher says

    As we are talking about real estate sites at the moment. A client of mine is using a real estate software for all his properties and enters all images and property data in this 3rd party tool.

    The tool is able to export all data into an xml file one time each day.

    Client now wants that we import this xml data into oxygen and build listings page (using gridbuilder for facets) and template+ACF for single pages. Everything‘d clear so far.

    Now my question:
    I am thinking about using WP All Import because it handles xml files and is additionally able to auto-add, auto-delete, auto-update all properties … works perfectly fine on manual tests (FTP used as file location).

    Does anybody have long term experiences over several months/years with importing/syncing/adding/deleting data and images via WP All Import?

    Does it work rock solid or do I have to expect ongoing syncing issues?

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