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Hello all,

Hello all,
I ‘m having this strange issue with oxygen when working with classes.

It seems that any custom build class (or even using OxyNinja), does not have effect on the front-end.
(changing style on the element itself, using Oxygen’s primary and advanced menu’s is being applied)
Although while starting to build the site, it was working perfectly.
Already tried many things, like regenerate CSS, re-sign shortcodes, delete Oxyninja and reinstall.
Deleted all stylesheets,
Even Oxygen’s icon list element does not get its classes applied in the front-end.
Strangly enough, the back-end it looking as it should be.

I don’t use any caching plugings or whatsoever, it’s a plain installation starting with Oxygen and adding Oxyninja.
Anyone had the same issue, where classes appears not to have any effect.

Many thanks for sharing! Kind regards.


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