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Hello all!

Hello all!
I’ve been working on something called Section Directory. It’s basically a way for people to share their own made sections with the community.
It’s something I’ve wanted to see happen, so I thought I’d just do it.

The site is:

You’re welcome to submit your own sections, I just have a somewhat test section up there at the moment.
It’s not limited to sections though, you’re welcome to share full pages etc.

This could either go really well or flop horribly.
Either way, I’m happy I did it and I hope everyone enjoys it!

Also, no, there’s no prizes and you don’t get any money 😛
It’s just for the community to share cool sections with each other, with or without a framework etc <3 My heart is pounding stupidly fast when trying to click post, so don't tear into me too hard 😛 haha


  1. Taylor Drayson says

    This is awesome, great work <3

  2. David Webheld says

    This is great, hopefully many will share, i think the use will lift if there are like min 30+ cool sections, maybe you can allready place some yourself or gather from others in other ways, so new people get exited to use some sections right away. I think people will start sharing their own after they used some sections allready and get the feeling they want to do something back, but in order fo that to happen, the library should be filled allready in some way. Also, I would add categories in an early stage, like the other design libraries do

  3. Maxime Beguin says

    Great idea 👍

  4. Andy Flight says

    A great idea 😊 Domain name is perfect!

  5. Briany Hearne says

    This looks great but what happens to classes that exist in the copied shortcodes (as taken from – do they get added to my install after the paste?

  6. Carlo Ranieri says

    Awesome! So weird I actually thought of a similar idea today 🤯 Nice one 🤙

  7. Amanda Lucas says

    This is a great idea! Well done. Looking forward to contributing

  8. Ferdi Vol says


  9. Lucy Pruvost says

    What an amazing idea! I’m adding your site to my favourites now. Thank you😎

  10. Abu Abyaz Binar Calla says

    bookmark as favorite… awesome and amazing

  11. Mohammed Al-Musaibeli says

    Great 👍

  12. Kieran Donnelly says

    Hi, why is Glassmorphism Hero tagged as OxyNinja Core?

  13. Rosalind M Share says

    Great idea!! Thank you.

  14. Heather Shoup says

    Awesome idea!

  15. Jornes Sim says


  16. Martin Datbenik says

    Very cool. I have some sections that I could contribute. When I have a moment I will give it a try.

  17. Einar Nordgaard says


  18. Mark Bowen says

    Really nice idea and lovely site design, well done. Only thing I noticed was your privacy policy link is incorrectly spelled. Haven’t checked the rest of the site out fully but for some reason did notice that. Keep up the great work though as that’s really great!

  19. Jonathan Jernigan says

    Cool idea!

  20. Frederic Sune says

    Great idea! Thanks

  21. Jay Pagano says

    Fixed an issue where computer said no when trying to share a section, all sorted now 🙂

  22. Andre Ridwan says

    I like the font you are using. What’s that?

  23. Pedro Vieira says

    Nice one! Great job! Will def share some sections!! 🙌

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