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Hello, can anyone help?

Hello, can anyone help?
I have a repeater on a standard Oxygen site (no archive).
My filter is WP Grid Builder.
How can I assign the facets to this repeater?

Can’t I use the Advanced Query from Oxy?

I only found that with WPQuery manual you can use
I would like to create an advanced query, but how? I hope someone can help. Thanks


  1. Nikita Severin says

    You have installed the gridbuilder addon for oxygen.

  2. Lee Fletcher says

    I think they just added oxygen advanced query support in the last update. They have a WPGridbuilder for Oxygen plug-in in your downloads. To add a facet you just click Add+ , choose Facet and there’s a drop down to select which ‘object’ you are filtering…in your case the repeater element.

  3. Niko Strobel says

    The repeater query should not affect the facet.
    You just copy the shortcode WPGridbuilder provides, paste it into a shortcode element in Oxygen and replace the grid number with “wpgb-content”, like so: [wpgb_facet id=”1″ grid=”wpgb-content”]. The facet should automatically detect the repeater.

    Also, the documentation and some tutorials tell you to enable “Filter Custom Content” in the settings… this is not necessary and doesn’t seem to work properly with Oxygen. It will basically add a “.wpgb-content” class to all divs, which can lead to visual issues, like the header not showing anymore (happened to me on several occasions).

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