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Hello css-users-that-are-smarter-than-I-am:

Hello css-users-that-are-smarter-than-I-am:

What would you consider the best-practice approach to remove the underline styling from certain links?

Generally speaking, I want my links to be underlined, so Global Styles – All Links is set to underline.

Now for links in headlines (i.e. blog post titles in repeaters mostly), I would like to remove that styling, but simply adding “text-decoration: none;” to the custom css of the element doesn’t work.

I would have assumed that Global Styles have the lowest priority and can be overwritten like this – am I missing something? Or how would you set up oxygen to best accomodate for this?


  1. Firat Sekerli says

    I think you should create a custom class in your custom css and add text-decorarion: none!important and then add that class to the headings.

  2. Jason Eugene says

    Try adding the text dec none to the ID instead of a class.

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