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Hello everybody!

Hello everybody!

Are you missing any pre-made elements, layouts or maybe the whole themes with special styling for oxygen?

Personally, I’ve tried a few but don’t really use any and rarely use my own elements from other sites. But I don’t think my behavior is perfect.

Halo semuanya!

Apakah Anda kehilangan elemen, tata letak sebelum dibuat atau mungkin seluruh tema dengan gaya khusus untuk oksigen?

Secara pribadi, saya sudah mencoba beberapa tetapi tidak menggunakan apa pun dan jarang menggunakan elemen saya sendiri dari situs lain. Tapi menurutku kelakuanku tidak sempurna.

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  1. Marko Krstic says

    I reuse classes. I save them in exel and use swiss knife multiple class import. Then i copy paste scss partials. That save me a tone of time

  2. Nikita Severin says

    I would only a few general classes and global color settings.

    Almost always all designs are different and the structure of blocks and their behavior is always different. And it’s easier for me to make from scratch than to try to make someone else’s solution work in my project.

  3. Matt Hias says

    My projects always have quite different styling, mostly pre-defined by the client or their designer. (I’m a developer, not a designer)
    So I don’t use pre-made elements at all, but build from scratch.
    As noted by Nikita, this way I can define my own structure and logic and naming scheme, and don’t have to adopt and get used to someone else’s.

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