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Hello everyone

Hello everyone
Im trying to rebuild this site in Oxygen because its theme is outdated and unsupported (some custom made thing). So far so good, but i stumbled on problem I cant solve. On the end of particular page above there are some tabs with different trip info inside them. Data for the trips is in the ACF repeater field. So I could actually create tabs in oxygen and pull data in oxygen repeater but it wont let me filter the results, instead it pulls all the trips at once. I found the php code in old theme to retrieve data without Oxygen repeater and when I put it in the code block it pools unstyled data. How on earth did they create those tabs, css, some class or what, and where should I search for it in the old theme files. Or can it be solved some other way, anyone any ideas? This is the whole site I created in Oxygen so far, everything is made with templates and dynamic data from ACF and custom post types except of homepage.

Im new to Oxygen and dont know a heck about coding, learned about custom post types; oxygen builder and ACF along the way and it took me 3 moths so far and now Im stuck 🙂


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