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Hello everyone,

Hello everyone,
I’m new to Oxygen and using version 3.8
I installed an Hyperion template based site: I really can’t understand where or how to change the texts of the menu. I found how to change fonts, colors, whatever, but the texts remains a mistery. I supposed they were inside the template OR under the menu part, but apparently I was wrong.
I tried to watch some videos from the support, but I still don’t understand.
Could you please help me?


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  1. Yasien says

    Do you have a link to the site?
    I cannot recall that design set. Open the Structure panel in the Theme, Main. You should see the full layout and where the data is being pulled from

  2. Stoddard says

    Sending you a pm.

  3. Sridhar says

    You would create a menu at Appearance > Menus. If there’s only 1 menu it will automatically appear in the Menu component. If there are multiple, you select the desired one.

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