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Hello everyone! Affects page load if you type the site in Oxygen and then transl

Hello everyone! Affects page load if you type the site in Oxygen and then translate it into Gutenberg. Did someone check the speed or is it just compatibility and there will be no gain? I ask because Gutenberg is faster than oxygen and I want to buy a plan with support and would like to know the opinions of other users, is there any sense in this

Halo semuanya! Mempengaruhi beban halaman jika Anda mengetik situs dalam Oksigen dan kemudian menerjemahkannya ke Gutenberg. Apakah seseorang memeriksa kecepatan atau hanya kompatibilitas dan tidak akan ada keuntungan? Saya bertanya karena Gutenberg lebih cepat dari oksigen dan saya ingin membeli rencana dengan dukungan dan ingin mengetahui pendapat pengguna lain, apakah ada rasa dalam hal ini

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  1. Taylor Drayson says

    I don’t think there is any speed difference with converting an oxygen page to Gutenberg. However I don’t use it in the current state since it’s not backwards compatible.

    In terms of “Gutenberg being faster” yes that may be true in most cases. But the amount of control and dynamic stuff you can do and advanced calculations to build super complex and advanced sites, Gutenberg lacks in

  2. Zbynek Smetana says

    Gutenberg 97 page speed , Oxygen 91 Page speed look at analysis on youtube “Gutenberg vs Page Builders (New School) – Did Gutenberg Just Lose?!” For me is to early to switch to Gutenberg … GB is too weak page builder. Is too young maybe in a year … full site editing ect … maybe. For me Gutenberg still something like “beta product”

  3. Davidov Mihail says

    Taylor Drayson and Zbynek Smetana thanks for your answers! So it makes no sense to buy such a plan, and the maximum I can upgrade to woocommers support plan

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