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Hello everyone, i need help or tips. What plugin would you use for the slider th

Hello everyone, i need help or tips. What plugin would you use for the slider that is used on this site it’s a rotation of images and a few buttons below that will show the next slide when clicked. Thank you so much for the tips.

Halo semua, saya perlu bantuan atau tips. Plugin apa yang akan Anda gunakan untuk slider yang digunakan di situs ini ini adalah rotasi gambar dan beberapa tombol di bawah yang akan menunjukkan slide berikutnya ketika diklik. Terima kasih banyak untuk tipsnya.

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  1. Budi Haryono says

    Owl carousel + ACF + some icon

    Wrap your images
    Add pseudo fill with icon
    Make it slide with owl carousel

    All No cost

  2. Hakira Shymuy says

    why plugin? you guys with plugins for everything, it some times even make me feel sad lol
    Avoid plugins the most possible, and avoid slider plugins even more

    you can do that with SwiperJS

  3. Stephen Bliss says

    I don’t build a lot of WP sites but I’m always frustrated by the plug-ins are the answer to everything mentality.

  4. Noel Reynoso says

    This can be achieved with Oxyextras. Here is one I did:

  5. Salehuddin Arjunaidy says

    Straight up in Oxygen. Use the tabs element.

  6. Malc Finch says

    it’s using slick slider plugin by the looks of things

  7. Udoro 'Cracka' Essien says

    That is not a slider, it’s a navigation, the page changes when clicked.

  8. Giby George says

    Can be achieved with just tabs

  9. Roman Mohar says

    No need for any slider my friend.
    Just some tabs or not even that.
    CSS hover and few pseudo classes. Done.

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