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Hello Everyone, I’ve just finished my agency site and need some review about UI/

Hello Everyone, I’ve just finished my agency site and need some review about UI/UX experience, how was if you’re a user and trying to build a website and is you feel disturbed or confused on some part of website? Put your suggestion and feedback on comment please 😄
Thank you
Halo semuanya, Saya baru saja menyelesaikan situs agensi saya dan perlu beberapa ulasan tentang pengalaman UI / UX, bagaimana jika Anda seorang pengguna dan mencoba membuat situs web dan apakah Anda merasa terganggu atau bingung pada beberapa bagian dari situs web? Berikan saran dan masukan pada komentar anda 😄
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  1. Ruben Garcia Jr. says

    really like it!

  2. Mati Rodriguez says

    Don’t hide the outline

  3. Maya Nikolova says

    Very nuce design and functionality!

  4. Marcel Darvas says

    The 2nd image on the page with the parallax scroll effect looks weird on mobile.

    I’m not sure how many of your clients know what ACF is, maybe just use Content Block editor?

    The tap to scroll on the website is cool, but maybe you could try the parallax on there?

  5. Beer Kwantes says

    Great job, the experience is really nice (on mobile). Really like the menu and the touch to scroll in the projects section.

    However, the crucial thing I miss is: who am I going to be working with? There is an about page, but no picture of you or your team. Showing yourself (instead of an illustration) helps establish a base of trust (at least for me) 🙂

  6. Simon Mambariza says

    I like the interactions on the website. But I think the copywriting may need to be improved. The menu is sooo awesome i love the transition.

  7. Peter Pupovac says

    Or remove cards (shadow, padding, rounded borders) or add padding. I’d go with the first. They give the a wrong impression of being clickable elements, bit they’re not. Otherwise very clean look.

  8. Tobias Przybilla says

    Good job. The transformation of the 3 bars to close on the mobile menu is nice. How did you do that? ^^

  9. Lucy Pruvost says

    Hats off, that’s a great website! The design is all really clean and cohesive.
    How did you do the ‘touch to scroll’ images?

  10. Dahunsi Olajoyegbe says

    I like the site. The animations are a bit distracting, but lovely site.

  11. Waii Suthipasin says

    Looking good, but i think you can use more CTA buttons on every sections and pages?

  12. Mauro Cavassana says

    PMed you

  13. Mirko Echghi-Ghamsari says

    Luis Kabes Nice site and probably you have already gotten lots of feedback to make it better in design and UX and functionality.

    I want to highlight another area. Your website copy is really bad.

    You talk about „we“ a lot, but the benefit for customers fall short most of the time.

    And you are not thinking from your customers point of knowledge and view. Which of your customer knows what ACF is?

    To persuade customers to buy from you, you need strong and clear benefits. You need to talk the customers language not your own as an expert in webdevelopment.

    Especially your main headline (we are …) should be a clear benefit for the client and not explain who you are. This draws the visiter deeper into your site.

    Look at WP-Rockets Website and Headline:
    „Speed up your website with a few clicks“

    Thats a benefit-driven headline. And it is a very good one:
    1. it qualifies the audience: no website, nothing for you to see here
    2. What is in it for me: Your website will be faster = desired outcome
    3. Reduce Objections : I‘m not a developer. Answered with „with a few clicks“ = Ohh okay, I can do that.

    There is much more to improve. Just remember: words sell, not colors and animations.

  14. Oleg Ma says

    Looking nice. The offcanvas menu should close itself when you clicking/tapping outside.

  15. Simon Polis says

    It is beautiful, just append those two properties to the body selector via CSS to smooth the fonts globally 😉
    -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;
    -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale;

  16. Zrinka Zizi says

    🤩I love it! 👏👏 How did you make “Close” animation? Loving the bottom “waves” too! 👌 👌
    Just a small suggestion (I watched only mobile version dou) :

    On mobile, text card overlaps showcased sites way too much.. And maybe consider smooth, very light background for separating different sections of the page and a bit darker gray for paragraph text (if cold greys don’t work well with pink you use try some warmer shade of gray) .. But all in all – I 💓it!

  17. Marco Webresto says

    Nice and great job. I like. Just in UX, my opinion, the button in slide go to the end of website and I have to scroll back to read other content. You can remove it, it is all OK 👍😊

  18. Alan Hysinger says

    I think if you have to tell the user how to use the UI, that’s a failure. This is more of a personal preference but launching the client into orbit seems a bit gratuitous to me. All said with a kind intent.

  19. Alex Bertens says

    Beautiful UI

  20. Ramed Gonzalez says

    UX need some lovin. Esp. your landing page. Also, the parallax on the homepage — idk, looks weird to me. The guy should have stop at the focus area.

    I like the SVG Icon animations, looks great and the overall UI is clean.

  21. Sorin Ciprian Stanciu-Stoian says

    Looks 🔥!! How did you do the moving footer?

  22. Vlad Nedelcu says

    Luis Kabes i have a business related question. How are the maintenance plans working for you at a $500 minimum. Do you find it easy to sell that to your clients?

  23. Christina Grab says

    Looks really good, well done!
    I would have only a few things in mind, which could be optimised:
    The hero-section looks a bit poor (visually) – compared to all the others. But it should be the most amazing, right? After I scrolled down to footer, I wondered why this moving thing is not onto the hero…
    Looking at the markup, your very first headline should be an h1. Could, but not have to be, bigger than the other h2. For the big headline I also would like to have a line-height, which is slightly smaller (just a little bit, that that little bit is making the difference).
    Having talked about these little things, the overall impression is great.

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