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Hello everyone, my problem is not 100% Oxygen but I’m tearing my hair out for a

Hello everyone, my problem is not 100% Oxygen but I’m tearing my hair out for a few days on a use case and I need a little help… sorry in advance for this very long message.

A parent-teacher association asked me to think about a way to automate the management of the school’s extracurricular activities as much as possible.

– Currently, parents can register their children for an activity by purchasing a subscription (Woocommerce subscriptions).

– Each week, a volunteer from the association exports the woocommerce report to distribute the list of children present to each activity supervisor and manually adds any changes: absences, who picks up the children, comments, etc.

In other words:
– Supervisors do not have access to woocommerce orders (and therefore to lists of registered children).
– parents inform the admin of the association by phone or email of any changes (punctual or lasting). The admin adds them manually every week.

All this by hand, which is a lot of work!

I need to create classes (activities), supervisors (teachers), and participants (children). All with a relationship to each other.

Participants must be able to subscribe and pay for registration online (monthly).

Supervisors must be able to see the list of participants in their class.
Participants should be able to see the calendar of events.
Participants (parents) must be able to cancel, unschedule, remove or add information from time to time.

I think I can do this with Metabox and woo commerce subscriptions (or Memberpress). At least I think so…

The real problem is the information that changes every week!

If a parent informs us that their child will be absent on a given day or that their grandmother will be picking them up on an exceptional basis, how can we ensure that this information is displayed in the weekly list of participants? And only this time? Is this only possible or do we have to use a third-party messaging solution?

I hope I’ve been clear enough and not too greedy about the assistance…. Sorry again for this long novel… I’m looking for good ideas!

Thank you!


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