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Hello Everyone, Need help.

Hello Everyone, Need help.
I am using Tutor LMS along with Oxygen builder.

If I set a “main” template with a header and footer and enable option “catch all”. This template is working for all the pages. Except Tutor LMS pages.
Do anyone have idea why this is happening and how to get this corrected?

Please help.


  1. DrFola Ajisafe says

    Good luck with this. Even the tutorlms team abandoned support for oxygen integration

  2. Laurent Drapeau says

    You can use this plugin but it will not be maintained…

  3. Sheldon Harding says

    All courses

  4. Sheldon Harding says

    Single course

  5. Sheldon Harding says


  6. Sheldon Harding says

    Hope this helps because there is no documentation on TutorLMS site

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