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Hello fellow Oxygen builders!

Hello fellow Oxygen builders!

I’ve got an issue I’ve seen on a few of our sites regarding the blog archive page. So I create a template for the single posts, then create a page called “blog” or “latest news” etc. On that page I’ll put a repeater and style it however I’d like etc, save everything, great, job done.

The problem comes when in the WordPress settings, under “Reading”, if I set the “Posts Page:” to that oxygen page I built, “blog” or “latest news” for example, it breaks the page on the frontend. All the blog posts are spewed onto that page, unstyled and I have no idea why.

The only fix I’ve found is just not setting the Posts Page in the WordPress settings, am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?


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  1. Matt Oliver says

    Not a bug, when you set the posts page it just applies your archive template to it. Just don’t set it 👍

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