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Hello fellow Oxygen fans,

Hello fellow Oxygen fans,

I am trying to use a dynamic slider composite element, pulling from ACF fields, and no matter what I do, I cannot get the background of the slide element to turn white to match my page’s background.

If I use any color other than white, the slide displays it fine (red, black, green, random color), but white for whatever reason shows as grey in the builder and on the front end.

Has anyone encountered this before? I’ve looked through the source code and didn’t see anything that jumped out at me as specifying a color. I also looked at the swiper-slide class and setting it there was no help either.

Thanks in advance,


  1. Ryan Huggins says

    I’ve burnt close to 4 hours on this over the last couple of weeks to no avail.

  2. Mark Strus says

    I don’t know that it will work but I’ve had a similar issue with a different builder in the past and the solution strangely was to reduce opacity to .99. For some reason specifying the opacity below 100 for a white background works the same way as specifying a different color. Since you said other colors work I think this might work for you.

  3. Matt Hias says

    Interesting. And strange. I’ve never seen this.
    Out of interest: What if you change #ffffff to rgb(255,255,255)?

  4. Ryan Huggins says

    Oddly enough, I took a snippet of the background and uploaded that as an image (the duct tape and chewing gum fix). I tried to use that as the background image for the slide and even with that set it did not do anything. Really strange.

  5. Ryan Huggins says

    Solved: Turns out the “slide” element had an image overlay color set that I hadn’t seen before. Removed that and it worked! Answer came from a response by Anwar Jacobs on a similar post.

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