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Hello guys, This is my 1st client website created by oxygen. I really love to se

Hello guys, This is my 1st client website created by oxygen. I really love to see your suggestion and ideas of it. Thank you oxygen family.

Halo teman-teman, Ini adalah situs web klien pertama saya yang dibuat oleh oksigen. Saya sangat senang melihat saran dan ide Anda tentang hal itu. Terima kasih keluarga oksigen.

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  1. Artur Burkalo says

    Not sure if the footer meant to be like this on phone?

  2. Christian Staub says

    On iPhone 8

  3. Darren Waggott says

    Looks like u need Oxyninja dude

  4. Vince Balk says

    Check menu on footer alignment on mobile

  5. Resham Panth says

    Uditha good work as your first client site! However, there are a few things you can improve upon.
    You nav bar on top is not very readable. Maybe add a 45% transparent background to improve it, or play around with some other colors. Remove the white outline around the contact button and probably make it 10% smaller?
    Your hero image is huge (some 820KB). I would compromise a bit on the image quality and reduce the filesize to under 150kb if possible!
    The footer doesn’t look quite pleasant. Maybe reduce the font sizes a bit, work on the placements a bit. Definitely get rid of the social icons you dont need and decrease the icon sizes.
    Of course I’m no expert here, just my few cents

  6. Korbin Perry says

    Sick work for a first go especially! The blue border on the red button up top (contact) stood out a bit too much to me in a not so great way, and as many have mentioned the footer alignment throws me off personally. Otherwise no more suggestions here

  7. Aaron DeVandry says

    What is happening here?

  8. Aaron DeVandry says

    Consider left-aligning this text. It looks much better.

  9. Gary M. Smith says

    The site looks pretty clean, on mobile (iPhone 11 Max).

  10. Burt Gordon says

    [email protected] is like 5.5mb

  11. Joe Purnell says

    Coming at this from a marketing point of view for a second (not design or technical).

    I think “Satisfication” should be “Satisfaction”. I would actually remove this figure as I would look at 95% satisfaction and think, “Why is it not 100%? Are they doing something wrong?”. I know that’s not the case, it’s just how our cynical brains work unfortunately!

    The site also doesn’t tell me why I should work with your client. Tell me what types of businesses they work with and why they are different to the other thousands of digital marketing agencies out there. E.g. “Cost-effective digital marketing the marketing for hospitality industry”

    Coming to the portfolio section, I would style these as case studies if you can, with more background information. Currently they don’t really tell me anything and I don’t really know what I’m looking at.

    Lastly, you’ve got a call to action on the homepage but the text is very small so it gets a bit lost sadly. I would put this inside some kind of panel to make it stand out, increase the font size (maybe removing some words too) and make the “Contact Us” link a proper coloured button.

    Hope that helps!

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