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Hello. How are they? What plugin do you recommend to migrate a site? I need to c

Hello. How are they? What plugin do you recommend to migrate a site? I need to copy my site identically to another place, when I use the Wp-Migration plugin it gets stuck on loading, I don’t understand why


  1. Esta Schoeman says

    All in one WP Migration

  2. Marco Rubiol says

    Almost everybody use wp migration. Personally I prefer duplicator.
    Remember that after the migration you have to resign shortcodes and I don’t remember if something else

  3. Bruno Lopes says

    backupguard platinum working pretty good around here!

  4. David Airbees Erben says

    I have using All-in-One WP Migration and download and upload backup file with FTP client. With Unlimited extension sometimes lost connection with bigger backup files.

  5. Juan Carlos Garcia Alonso says

    I have used All-in-One Migration and works pretty well. By chance today I gave a go to UpdratfPlus pro. It has a few features I really liked. You can literally “send” the staging environment to production and vice-versa. And no need to move big files from one server to other. As I said, the plugin “send” the files in chunks.

  6. James Taylor says

    Migrate guru works like a charm every time , and it’s free.

  7. John Boland says

    I usually use my hands

  8. Benny Bravo says

    Updraft plus pro version

  9. Doug Hysell says

    WPVivid is amazing for this.

  10. Dominic Osborne says

    WPVivid – super simple. It will even do the transfer of the files for you seamlessly, if you add the plugin at both the source and destination sites, so the 2 locations can ‘talk’ to one another.

  11. Ulf Parczyk says


  12. Travis Love says

    cloudways migrator or all in one wp

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