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  1. Robert Chan says

    You can try a CSS solution, notice when you click on the toggle the class .toggle-6807-expanded gets added to the corresponding container for the elements and when it toggles off that class gets removed?

    you can add a css rule like:

    .toggle-6807-expanded > .oxy-toggle-content > .product-cat-title {
    background-color: transparent !important;
    color: black !important;
    border: solid 1px !important;

    Basically it only sets those properties for that selector and that one only becomes a thing when the toggle is opened for that headline.

    1 problem:
    that it doesn’t seem to work for the first toggle button because it’s not adding the class for some reason and I’m not familiar with what you’re doing to figure it out.

    alternatively you could check out the javascript used to toggle the classes and styles on the containers when you click the headlines, then add in a bit to add/remove a “white-headline” class to the corresponding headline based on state but again not too familiar with the tool you’re using.

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