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  1. Gerson El says

    Scroll down a bit more. You should see the gradient option at the bottom.

  2. Horea Pogacean says

    if it’s fully transparent what do you want to gradient to/from? The transparency is controlled through the last number, in your case 0.3 for full color (without gradient). And if you want a gradient from transparent to color you have another option under Effects > Opacity (if I recall?)

  3. Hammad Memon says

    The easy and simple way to do this

    1. Make section position relative
    2. Create a div inside the section
    3. Make it position absolute and top 0 left 0 width 100% and height 100%
    4. Give gradiant to that div

  4. Brian Chamberlain says
  5. Davor Mlinarić says

    bg image and gradient from transparent to red

  6. Ramon Horst says
  7. René Brokop says

    Yeah. As mentioned before, Digital Ambition have a thorough tutorial on colors, gradients and background images:

  8. Michael Amend says

    Thx a lot

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