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Hello my dears!

Hello my dears!

I’m brand new and recently got oxygen.
Unfortunately, I didn’t find what I was looking for, so I’m going to try it here:

Is it possible to create an off canvas menu (for mobile devices) where I can still position the company logo using the navigation links?
Of course, the social media buttons at the bottom would also be nice, as well as other contact options.

I have already found a few interesting pages for this, like here

Would like to solve something like that WITHOUT an additional plugin.
I am very happy about your feedback!


  1. Dan Smith says

    Why not use the modal element? Can do whatever you want with it then

  2. Niko Strobel says

    The Design4Fun solution does not require any plugins… It’s a design set (and it actually used the native modal element like Dan Smith suggested)

  3. Pieter Haijen says

    Julian Benz Consider this video πŸ˜€ where is Taimur Aziz actually!? I miss his top-notch content

  4. Kirby Ziada says

    Use the modal, set the position to absolute, build it out using divs. It takes a little knowledge of frameworks and oxygen but easily done πŸ™‚

  5. Demetre Minchev says

    It’s all possible, it just takes longer without additional plugins. I recommend watching tutorial videos.

    However, if you are short on time, I recommend you get oxyExtras or OxyUltimate, you will be up and running in minutes, not hours.

  6. Daniel Weaver says

    I highly recommend buying oxyextras. It’s a total power house and a great price for the feature set. It’ll hugely increase your project scopes

  7. Peadar Mac Niallais says

    Add the html for the image in a nav item, give it a class in the tag, and then only show it when it’s in the mobile nav container via css

  8. Ryan Krause says

    Modal is the way to go. Design and position however you want.

  9. Julian Benz says

    Thank you all! I just notice and have already heard from many that Oxygen is not a “normal” builder, but that you have almost unlimited possibilities! I was particularly attracted by the easy addition of PHP and JS. So far I have worked with various themes, Divi and Elementor, but somehow I was always missing something, which I usually had to solve later with a plugin. I am really very enthusiastic and look forward to a great time with you! Thanks for the support!

  10. Julian Benz says

    @all for your help and feedback!

    I would like to ask you again. Maybe you have some tutorial suggestions for me. Unfortunately, with the modal module, I didn’t get it the way I imagined. I would also be interested in the difference between the “Menu” and the “ProMenu”.

    I would like to have a normal menu bar on the desktop, and from a certain screen size on the hamburger menu with the side menu. Do I then create a menu for the desktop and one for mobile and then hide one?

    The 3rd menu on speaks to me very much. I’ve also looked at Oxyextras.

    I think I’ll get this “tool”, but I would be interested in how to build something like that by hand. Maybe someone has a couple of suitable videos for me! Thx πŸ™‚

    Please excuse me for asking, this is my 2nd day with Oxygen: D I think after a few weeks I will be much more familiar with it, but I’m still looking forward to your answers again in this case.

  11. Zulfikar Tarunawijaya says

    Yes you can, with modal component or hand code with code block component, all component already built in Oxygen Builder

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