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Hello, newbie here. Nice to meet you guys.

Hello, newbie here. Nice to meet you guys.
I have been using Elementor for years now and now wanting to switch to Oxygen. My question is, how much code will I need to know in order to build amazing sites with Oxygen?
I currently know HTML5 and a basic knowledge of CSS, which I am currently taking courses on as well.
Do I also need to learn javascript?


  1. Andrew McSpadden says

    It really depends on the website. In most cases you won’t need code, if anything you might need a little css.

  2. Nick Murray says

    the biggest thing you need to be familiar with is using your browsers web inspector, because the most frustrating thing you have to get used to is there being a lot of different places to add the same styles, so it can be tricky finding why something looks off at first, until you come up with your own system to keep it organized.

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