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Hello Oxy lovers!

Hello Oxy lovers!
I have a problem that I would need your help with.
Problem: I have a DIV that should be shown as a part of a page template based on conditions.

The condition is post id 1 OR 2 OR 3. What should I do to make it happen without adding post id==1, post id==2 as I have a bunch of those etc? Is there a way to just add it in one line, using multiple ids?

Not sure if I explained it well so here is an image of what I am trying to avoid. I bet it’s a simple solution but I am just not seeing it. Help. Beers and glory to you all.


  1. Rich Deane says

    Write a custom function that returns a Boolean… Use dynamic data and call your function…

    Your function does the heavy lifting…

  2. Blue Li says

    Yes I think it is how it works via the oxy condition. Make sure you have checked the “OR” option
    If you find this troublesome. Consider to create your custom function so you can have them in one line of code. 🤔

  3. Dina Jokanovic says

    Guess I have some function writing to do. Thank you!

  4. Laura Martinčič says

    Another way of going about it would be to add a true/false field (with ACF for instance) to your posts. And then include that dynamic data as your condition. You just need to click the correct status on each post. Works ok for future posts and if you don’t have to back through a million of existing posts. Just a thought.

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