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Hello to all,

Hello to all,
I am building a site for a client and I would need a hand to do the following.
Basically I have a section divided into 2 columns. In the first column I have 3 divs; while in the second column I have 3 “lottie image”.
For now I have made sure that clicking on a specific div loads a certain lottie, to do this I used the jQuery code and the Css.

What I should do is make sure that every few seconds the selected div and lottie changes without having to click on the corresponding div.
I don’t know if I have explained myself very well … in practice I would like to replicate this site:

In any case, I am attaching photos of what I have done so far.
Many thanks in advance.


  1. Anwar Jacobs says

    Can you share the code?

  2. Taylor Drayson says

    Why not use the tabs and then jQuery to change the “active tab”

  3. Maxime Beguin says

    Smthg like this…

    function setNextElActive(){
    setInterval(setNextElActive(), 5000);

  4. Christian van 't Hof says

    You might want to check accessibility guidelines as well, since if there’s something automatic, you need a pause button.

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