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Hello. When I add fluent forms shortcode, some images (not all) disappear and on

Hello. When I add fluent forms shortcode, some images (not all) disappear and one div moves off the page when viewing page in oxygen editor.
Everything looks fine on the front end.
If I remove the fluent forms shortcode, everything looks fine in oxygen editor.
The form is a simple contact form with name and email.
Developing on Flywheel local. I’ve cleared cache and resigned shortcodes.
It’s weird. Page is all good in editor without shortcode. Add the short code and several images disappear and one div moves. Remove the shortcode, save and refresh, and images and div are back where they are supposed to be in oxygen editor.
I appreciate any suggestions on how to fix this.
I searched oxygen user group and internet in general and did not find any reports of this kind of problem
As a side note, this is my first oxygen site build in over a year. I was worried about oxygen editor issues often discussed here, but not having any problems with editor speed.


  1. Bret Carmichael says

    I haven’t experienced that, but I tend to used Fluent with OxyExtras fluent styler. Is it just filling the viewport, like moving everything down on the page. Maybe while you’re developing, you can try setting a max height. I know it’s not ideal. Just a thought.

  2. Wayne Ergle says

    Thanks Bret Carmichael. I re-watched Oxygen video on adding shortcodes. In it, Louis says that sometimes plugins generate code that might cause problems with Oxygen editor. If it does, select Don’t render in Oxygen on the shortcode and use a placeholder. I did this. And images and div show up correctly in Oxygen editor (and front end). Obviously something weird between Fluent Forms and Oxygen in my case. I may dig into the code to figure it out, but, for now, not rendering in Oxygen editor is good enough.

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