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Hey all.

Hey all.
I have launched a site built in oxygen with acf pro and cptui as the data source etc.

On desktop it Sits at about 95 percent on the metrics and is pretty quick.
Unfortunately the client is on go daddy so I think I lose a percent or two otherwise I’m happy.

But go to mobile and it slows right down.
Can anyone give any insight into why?

Appreciate your feedback advance.



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  1. Davor says

    first make sure that ssl is installed and is added redirection from http to https. and that bg video is perforamce killer. mobile score is probably bad because of this. total size is almost 13mb. i’m from europe so probably got worse results than you.

  2. Anne says

    There you go, that restaurant isn’t that far from me. Looks fabulous but I can’t help you with your question.

  3. Sono says

    Your site is beautifully crafted… but! My heart is crying… I’m italian, and that restaurant… You are in time, change all that stuff that says “italian”… please!😂

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