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Hey everybody, I’m wondering if there are issues with animations in the latest v

Hey everybody, I’m wondering if there are issues with animations in the latest version (3.8.1). I’ve got two dev sites on two different hosts with minimal plugins, just trying to get started on the template designs. It seems like animations just aren’t working right. Sometimes they don’t run at all on page load. Sometimes they do but only when the element is already in the view. Any element that is out of view, when I scroll to it, never animates.
If I turn on the setting to repeat the animation, rather than “once”, that doesn’t do anything, I can scroll up and down and it won’t animate again.
I’ve checked and the aos.js file is loading fine down in the footer, loading after jquery does. The DOM elements have all the various aos attributes set. There are no console errors. There are no performance tools doing minification or compression or anything.
I turned off the Oxygen setting regarding turning off jQuery Migrate, this almost seemed to help, or at least some element that wasn’t animating previous started to at random.
Using an incognito window doesn’t really help, having dev tools open so that every page refresh is from cleared cache, that doesn’t seem to matter.
So basically, animations aren’t working, or work sporadically, and don’t work in relation to scrolling, and only sometimes work if the element is already in view on page load.
Even further, when the animations decide to run, it really makes the browser janky like if I’m scrolling while the animation finishes, it’s glitchy. Sometimes if the element is in view, the animation runs twice, almost like it’s reversing itself then running again, which looks terrible to see.
I’m having no luck figuring out what the beef is going on. Maybe it’s just this version? Need a different copy of aos.js? I don’t know.
Anybody notice this?


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