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Hey everyone,

Hey everyone,

I’ve come to Oxygen from Elementor and have what is probably a pretty stupid question.

In Elementor, I could make a section, add a header (h2), then a column with a photo and some text.

When I’d scale down to tablet and mobile, those contents would automatically stack to fit. In Oxygen, they aren’t unless I specify a width for every item at every screensize. Otherwise, headlines are getting cut off, images you’re only seeing a portion, etc.

Am I missing something or do I really have to add a size to every single element at every screen width?



  1. Adam Zonnis says

    Use max-width

  2. Will Hunter says

    Hey Adam,

    I reckon you view some online tutorials about how to work with oxygen.

    One of the benefits of using oxygen is to be able to do things manually is having better control of your layout.

    That does mean in, in some cases, that you will be adjusting properties to suit elements needs at different breakpoints.

    For type. This will help solve that issue.

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