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Hey fellow Oxygen builders, I have an interesting issue. The Post ID for the Fro

Hey fellow Oxygen builders, I have an interesting issue. The Post ID for the Front Page is incorrect. So when I go to Pages and click Edit the home page, and then try to open the oxygen editor, the URL I can see is directed at another page. I can modify the URL manually to edit the home page in oxygen, but now I need to copy the home page shortcodes and the shortcode box is empty in the wordpress editor. How do I find the actual Post ID for the front page and change it? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  1. Ramon Horst says

    Can you change the id manually in your db? (just a thought, not tried, not tested)

  2. Matt Hias says

    Go to WordPress > Settings > Reading
    and set your home page correctly

  3. Matt Hias says

    THAT’S a really weird one.

    Sam let me investigate on the system and I found a situation I never saw before:
    Homepage is set to ID 31 in WordPress settings.

    If you go to Admin > Pages, the link “Edit with Oxygen” for the Homepage correctly points to domain/?ct_builder=true&ct_inner=true

    If you click on “Edit” for the Homepage, the big blue “Edit with Oxygen” button points to doman/editors/jn/?ct_builder=true&ct_inner=true

    Where does this editors/jn/ come from?
    Of course I checked plugins and snippets for any suspects, but none on the spot.

    I really have NO idea and asked Sam to open a ticket with the genius Oxygen support. Hopefully we will get a report back!

    Thank you, Sam, for letting me investigate on this interesting and still unsolved case.

  4. Sam Wrazrozika says

    We just tested and it is because of the Squirrly SEO plugin. Once disabled, everything went back to normal, including shortcode being displayed for the homepage. Thanks everyone for their assistance.

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