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Hey friends!

Hey friends!

I’ve searched and found some information in regards to IDX plugins with Oxygen, it seems Showcase IDX runs well with Oxygen but just looking to see if anyone has found success with any other plugins? Looking for something I’ll be able to create custom templates for with Oxygen, as opposed to having to use any plugin’s pre-made layouts etc.


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  1. Michael says

    I have built a real estate site recently for a client. Data is getting synced from an external real estate software tool each night onto oxygen website via wp all import. Filtering is done via wp gridbuilder. Property single template contains a ton of ACF fields and show/hide conditions based on the source property data.

    So, yes … possible without plugins if you wanna create your own templates.

    Property overview page:

    Example of a singles page:

  2. Dusan says

    Korbin Perry depends on your budget, iHomeFinder & idx broker have some sort of an open API which gives you an option to create a custom plugin. If you take a look at AgentImage websites (the luxury ones) and inspect the code, you’ll see they are using idx broker…

    Stil, my suggestion is to stick with Showcase IDX mostly because they just got purchased by eXp,which means they will receive a lot of funding, and restructuring their plugin is on their roadmap (this will include the new layout)

  3. Bret says

    IDX Showcase is pretty straightforward, and don’t discourage you from customizing it with your own CSS.

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