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Hey guys,

Hey guys,

I just wanted to see ask if anyone else has had or is currently having a lot of input lag when working with the oxygen builder. Oxygen has been very laggy for me for a while now and was just curious if any of you all have experienced that as well and/or how you fixed it.


  1. Jill Armour says

    No lag for me

  2. Eric Embacher says

    Yes! But it depends on how complex the page is (i.e. how much content and how many elements have been added). Empty pages have only a slight lag, but as you build the page out, every click takes 1-1.5 seconds to register.

  3. Nathan Somsa-ard says

    I see this kind of post every week. And, yes, Oxygen Builder is also laggy for me. I am on Nginx + php 7.4+. Lagging on both LocalWP and MAMP.

  4. Peadar Mac Niallais says

    Switch to firefox developer edition and it’ll work a lot better 🙂

  5. Daniel Braine says

    I’ve been doing oxygen dev on safari cos it’s a little more light-weight

  6. Luke Unleash'd DeLalio says

    I dev on safari and it’s fast with oxygen.

  7. Daniel Florian says

    Using Firefox Dev edition or Safari and I’ve only experienced this when I’ve had the editor open and working for a long time

  8. Lee Fletcher says

    It used to be fine for me, but now, as soon as I’ve got any sort of extra plug-in installed…especially the WooCommerce for Oxygen one…it crawls to a slow mess. Kinda annoying. I measured over 60s page load the other day, when normally it’s about 8-10s for me. I was thinking it might be all the added composite elements…is there a way to turn those off? I rarely use them but my licence enables them automatically.

  9. Paul Richards Phobz says

    I noticed it goes mad slow in the borders menu for me. Apart from that it seems to be a steady decline in performance over time. Refreshing the page seems to bring it back to life.

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