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Hey guys,

Hey guys,
I have finally relaunched my blog in the new design. The change to Oxygen really optimized my pagespeed 🙂

As probably with the most website projects, I’m stumbling upon new bugs, that have been not been recognized in the bugfixing phase.

For example: The images on my blog are distorted. Apparently the ratio is not accurate. The image size should be 800x600px. But it turns out to be 735×600

Does anybody know how to fix this ratio problem?


  1. Niko Hannula says

    Nice work 👍always takes a while to get a hang of things.
    You can fix this by adding “height: auto” to your images, you can add this CSS to a stylesheet to apply it to all blog images:

    .wp-block-image img{
    height: auto;

  2. Matt Yabs says

    Well, speaking from a purely drunk perspective I think I can offer some unique solutions. 1: Change your image to 735×600, ha! Didn’t think of that, did you? 2: Do not show an image. If it is not there, it can’t be broken! 3: Redirect all visitors to your website to eBay.(they’re probably gonna go to ebay after visiting your site anyway save them time and effort. 4: Cause a network interruption of some description to stop people getting to the offending image. 5: Inform a small community of Germans that your image display is 100% correct, in moments they will inform you that you are incorrect and detail (with brutal efficiency) that you are wrong, why and the correct method. You’re welcome.

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