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Hey guys,

Hey guys,

I just migrated a site or better said I just needed to switch the domain. Last time I did it with All-In-One it does not replaced every link, so I had to check every template and reassign the links manually.

Now I tried with ‘Migrate DB’ and there was the same issue. Especially links inside of code blocks or in JS are not being replaced.

Is that a normal behavior or is there a tool / a way that works better?


  1. Thijs Kraan says

    All-In-One worked for me, you have to reassign shortlinks and regenerate cache. These steps are described after migrating.

  2. Jason Maric says

    You might want to try a search and replace plugin. This will replace all the old URLs with the new one.

  3. Barb Cochran says

    All in one migration works for me… but you have to immediately go to settings and save permalinks 3 times in a row

  4. Borut Stramšek says

    I always use external tool that can handle php serialization. But keep in mind – it is a pure search and replace so use it visely 🙂

  5. Roger F. Schulze says

    AIO always worked for me. Make sure to save permalink after migration

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