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Hey guys,

Hey guys,

I am ready to launch a pretty big woocommerce site with more than 100K products. I consider the site to be far from finished, but I prefer to launch it and perfect it later after I have some customer feedback. I am a tech person so the design is not great, but I have tried my best for speed and SEO.

Every night I update all products and fetch new ones using WP All Import. I update the stock of the products every hour using custom code.

The site is on a dedicated server with a custom wp optimized environment, with redis object cache enabled. I started with redis full page caching, but I switched to litespeed cdn edge caching using just because the litespeed wordpress plugin is that good! Rest of the plugins I use for performance are:

Elasticpress ( With self hosted elasticsearch )
WP Scalability Pro

I have minimized external script usage using server side tag manager ( not quite ready ), and I removed many scripts and css i was not going to use. For example I replaced the default woocommerce product gallery with the splide.js that oxyninja provides.

For SEO I started with The Seo Foundation which seemed to be the most lightweight choice, but I preferred Seopress Pro as it has better oxygen compatibility and many features, without slowing the site.

The url is and I would really appreciate some feedback.


  1. Dave Klein says

    Very nice site! I’m assuming you’re going to use ElasticPress for facet filters as well?

    Just curious what kind of set up your are using to update stock every hour? Do you mind sharing?

  2. Stephen Revere says

    Isn’t almost every feature of PerfMatters in LSCWP? What makes you add that on top?

  3. Taavi Post says

    100+k products = DB and elastic on separate dedicated server, sub 1ms latency preferred on network connection. Even Magento ( which is more optimized than woocomm ) needs separate server with this amount of products… Ofc if you have traffic on site. 1-5 people on site then there is no difference.

  4. Peter Needham says

    I’m in Australia and that loaded very quickly considering! 🙂 Categories are a bit slower than home or product pages…

    Did you check out the WP Intense Scalability Pro plugin?

  5. Oskar Kołodziejski says

    Marcin Bochenek

  6. Abu Abyaz Binar Calla says

    oh my god, this is amazing…. love this ❤

  7. Juguetes Jaku says

    Really nice website! What cache plugin and cdn are you using?

  8. Tom Walters says

    Great website. You use XD for prototyping?

  9. Dean Wentzel says

    Very nice 👏

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