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Hey guys

Hey guys

I’m having problems when adding multiple blocks of OxyNinja content on the same page:

Editor is very slow;
Editing text is terribly slow;
Searching for class takes too long…

Someone could give me some tips on what to do.




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  1. Luke says

    Hey there Lucas,

    Oxygen Builder is pretty renowned for being slow when lots of content is added, especially repeaters; you can read hundreds of posts about it on the Oxygen Facebook page. Some people have gone as far as conducting tests to see which browsers are faster, as well as comparing hosts.

    OxyNinja simply adds existing components with its own CSS framework, so the issue likely isn’t with OxyNinja.

    Regarding searching of classes, we do have a cheatsheet online which may help you in looking for classes you need:

  2. Riccardo says

    Try to quit and reopen the browser, or do an hard refresh.

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