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Hey guys, first timer here.

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Hey guys, first timer here.

Elijah talked about the text editor in the properties pane for text elements in “What is new in Oxygen 3.8” starting at 8:10.

However, this does not work in my implementation (3.8.1): has anyone the same dark-gray and therefore unreadable text in the Content field, which is supposed to allow to edit Text?

If yes, and I assume a “yes”, and if this is already in discussion somewhere, and I assume it is: how could I have found this discussion? (Tried Google and this group with various search terms).

Can you point me in the right direction, please?


  1. Robert Chan says

    could be css thing, or did you paste in text from elsewhere and it kept its previous formatting

  2. Firat Sekerli says

    If you add a class to the element and if the class is active then you cannot edit the text. You need to switch to ID.

  3. Davor Mlinarić says

    first paste into notepad, then select and copy from notepad and finally paste into content.

  4. Ralph Buse says

    Firat Sekerli: class or ID doesn’t change the behaviour (the dark gray text and the funny white crooked box around it).

    Error was not that I cannot edit the text but that the text appearing is not readable (Have a close look at the image and the word “Content”: the overlaying text is there)

  5. Ralph Buse says

    Robert Chan: Did not paste. Just wierd colors and strange box-overlay. going to investigate into the site wide css I set in a custom stylesheet…

  6. Ralph Buse says

    Robert Chan: disabled all CSS. No change. Thank you for your suggestion anyways!

  7. Ralph Buse says

    Ok, remains the same with a fresh new page without Template and all stylesheets deactivated.

    Giving up.

    Not so important, can still edit in the WYSIWIG Editor. Would have been a nice to have feature. Like writing in editors better.

    Thank you all for your help.

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